New Trail Maps Now Available

Munda Biddi Denmark Walpole

Munda Biddi Map 8 Denmark to Walpole

It’s been a long wait but finally the new trail maps for Denmark to Manjimup have been released for sale. The maps officially went on sale on Monday the 8th April 2013, and cyclists everywhere have been snapping them up. Here at Adventure HQ (Denmark’s Eco-Discovery Shop) we’ve been inundated with requests for copies. It seems both locals and visitors are keen to know what route the Munda Biddi is taking.

Here in Denmark we’ve been watching the trail markers pop up in different parts of the Shire, and the question on everyone’s lips is “Where does it go next?”. Well for all those wanting to know the answer, the maps provide a partial answer. I say “partial” because there are still a number of diversions in place. The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) has been rushing to get the trail finished in time for the Munda Biddi Epic, but limited time and resources have meant that some sections of the trail aren’t ready yet. So before you head out on the trail – grab a map, but also check with the friendly staff at the Eco-Discovery Shop to find out what’s happening with those diversions.

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Lenore is the CEO of Out of Sight Tours, Western Australia's leading ecotourism company. She manages the company's multiple arms, including Wilderness Getaways, Munda Biddi Cycle Tours, and the Eco-Discovery Shop.

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