Wilderness Ocean Walk (WOW) and Ride Path

The Munda Biddi Trail has only just been completed, but plans are already under-way to enhance the world’s longest off-road cycle-way. The Shire of Denmark has received Federal government funding to construct a spectacular dual-use walking/cycling trail from Ocean Beach to Lights Beach along the south-coast. The new track will connect the Munda Biddi Trail and Bibbulmun Track with Ocean Beach.

Denmark WA

Wilderness Ocean Walk and Ride Path

Tentatively titled the Wilderness Ocean Walk (WOW) and Ride Path, the project will be completed by 2014. For cyclists on the Munda Biddi, the great advantage of this new trail will be that they avoid using Lights Road (currently cyclists are required to use this busy road to connect up with Lights Beach) AND they get to ride along the cliff tops with spectacular ocean views.

We can’t wait for construction to start! Ecodiscovery at Google+

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About ecodiscovery

Lenore is the CEO of Out of Sight Tours, Western Australia's leading ecotourism company. She manages the company's multiple arms, including Wilderness Getaways, Munda Biddi Cycle Tours, and the Eco-Discovery Shop.

3 thoughts on “Wilderness Ocean Walk (WOW) and Ride Path

  1. This is great news. I am planning to finish off the Munda Biddi in July and was thinking the opportunities where being lost here. It feels like there has been a rush to get the Trail in place rather than to develop a world class riding trail so small developments like this will be most welcome.

    • Hi Aushiker – you are spot on – the trail might be finished but it will take a while for it to become a truly world-class cycle trail. The more local Shires can get behind the trail the more likely it is that new sections of purpose-built track will be opened. There’s talk of building a new section of the Munda Biddi out of Albany as well (to take in the coast near the wind farm) – which would be amazing – but it will require community support for additional spend on new infrastructure. Thanks for your feedback – drop in to the Eco-Discovery Shop (Denmark Visitor Centre) when you come through Denmark on your ride and say hello.

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